Great Bowls Afire

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 “Life is a bowl of cherries.”

Saw this article posted on Facebook this morning.

Bowls are an abstraction of cupped hands. In the article the author asks,”What … is to be expected from something defined largely by the void at its center and its ability to contain a near-infinite variety of things?” As a potter I expect a lot. They are my favorite form to make. I see the universe in that void.

The bowl as metaphor spans many cultures. There’s  China’s ‘rice bowl’ culture. They have several different meanings. The Golden Bowl   by Henry James. The salad bowl (melting pot) and the Empty Bowl Project (to feed the hungry). In America we have a dust bowl, Super Bowl, sports arena bowls. Oh well, you get my drift.IMG_0978

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  1. Here’s a question for you: How do you regard the “toilet bowl” relative to your last post? Is America the only culture to have tainted the “metaphor”? I know, that’s two questions but for some reason as I was reading your recent post, toilet bowl kept creeping into my thoughts. Maybe it’s my current state of mind.

    I am enjoying your site and miss your company,

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